Libnx 1.3.0 disponible

Récemment la libnx a été mise à jour avec un tas d’ajouts et de corrections. Sans plus tarder je vous donne la liste de ce qui a été fait et vous allez voir, ça n’a pas chomé !

Version 1.3.0


  • Fixed critical bug in mutexUnlock.
  • Expanded support for standard time functions, including gettimeofday, clock functions and nanosleep.
  • Added Semaphore synchronization primitive.
  • Added system calls: svcGetDebugThreadParam, svcGetThreadList.
  • Improved IpcParsedCommand support for domain message information.


  • fatalSimple no longer creates an error report that gets uploaded to Nintendo’s servers – also added fatalWithType.
  • Added ncm service.
  • Added nifm service.
  • Added ns:dev service.
  • Added ns:vm service.
  • Added account commands: accountGetUserCount, accountListAllUsers.
  • Added ns commands: nsGetTotalSpaceSize, nsGetFreeSpaceSize.
  • Added pm:shell commands: pmshellTerminateProcessByTitleId.
  • Added set:sys commands: setsysGetFlag, setsysSetFlag, setsysGetSettingsItemValueSize, setsysGetSettingsItemValue, setsysGetColorSetId, setsysSetColorSetId.


  • Fixed errno – now properly translating Horizon BSD errno to newlib errno values.
  • Fixed bugs in inet_pton4, ioctl, socketDeserializeAddrInfo.
  • Fixed _IOC macro.
  • Fixed netdb.h by readding socklen_t definition.
  • Implemented gethostid and gethostname.


  • Added overridable userAppInit and userAppExit functions that add to instead of replacing __appInit and __appExit.
  • Now embedding GNU build id in compiled binaries, used by creport crash dumps (such as those generated by Atmosphère’s creport implementation).
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

La libnx 1.3.0 disponible en téléchargement juste en dessous. Pour rappel, ceci est uniquement dédié aux développeurs et/ou bidouilleurs mais en aucun cas il s’agit d’un homebrew prêt à être exécuté.

TelechargementLibnx 1.3.0

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