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Atmosphère 0.8.7

Le Custom Firmware Atmosphère profite d’une petite mise à jour, principalement pour corriger quelques petits bugs qui pouvaient affecter certains jeux récents. À cette occasion, l’option pour rediriger les sauvegardes vers la microSD a été finalement officialisée. La team indique bien qu’il s’agit d’une fonctionnalité expérimentale, avec tous les aléas que cela peut impliquer. Vous pourrez activer ce paramètre en toute connaissance des bugs qui pourraient en résulter (perte de sauvegarde entre autre).

Le payload fusée-primary n’a pas été mis à jour, vous pouvez donc garder la version 0.8.4, à injecter avec la méthode de votre choix pour démarrer le Custom Firmware.


Un bon 15 juin à tous 🙂 (comprenne qui pourra)

Nouveautés / Corrections :

0.8.7 is Atmosphère’s fourteenth official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.8.4.

With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.8.7 is bundled with hbl 2.1, and hbmenu 3.0.1.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • A few bugs were fixed that could cause fatal to fail to show an error under certain circumstances.
  • A bug was fixed that caused an error when launching certain games (e.g. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice).
    • Loader had support added in ams-0.8.4 for a new (7.0.0+) flag bit in NPDMs during process creation, but forgot to allow this bit to be set when validating the NPDM.
  • dmnt’s cheat virtual machine received new instructions.
    • These allow for saving, restoring, or clearing registers to a secondary bank, effectively doubling the number of values that can be stored.
  • SHA256 code has been swapped from linux code to libnx’s new hw-accelerated cryptography API.
  • Extensions were added to smcGetInfo:
    • A ConfigItem was added to detect whether the current unit has the RCM bug patched.
    • A ConfigItem was added to retrieve the current Atmosphère build hash.
  • Exosphère now tells the kernel to enable user-mode exception handlers, which should allow for better crash reporting/detection from Atmosphère’s modules in the future.
  • Opt-in support was added for redirecting game save files to directories on the SD card.
    • Please note, this feature is experimental, and may cause problems. Please use at your own risk (and back up your saves before enabling it), as it still needs testing.
    • This can be enabled by setting atmosphere!fsmitm_redirect_saves_to_sd to 1 in system_settings.ini.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

For information on the featureset supported by 0.8.0, please see the official release notes.

💾 Atmosphère 0.8.7 | fusee-primary.bin (0.8.4)

🏠 GitHub

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